Wet Cold Australian Winter

What people tell you about the Australian climate is that it’s very very hot. What they don’t tell you is that in Winter it can get really quite cold and miserable, especially in the southeast. We escaped Sydney (I’ll come back and finish Tassie at a later date) just as the weather was closing in … Continue reading Wet Cold Australian Winter

We’re Going to Cradle Mountain!

<<<Part Two It was a shame to get up and leave our lovely AirBnB so early, as the surrounding gardens were wonderful; there was a flowering tree just outside our window covered in nectaring birds, including the Tasmanian endemic yellow wattlebird. But we were going on an adventure, and had to make the most of … Continue reading We’re Going to Cradle Mountain!

The Tasmania Chronicles – Part One: Cradle to Coast

I’ve just returned to Sydney after two weeks travelling around Tasmania, and I found that there were so many things to do and see that I couldn’t find the time to blog whilst I was out there, and there is no way I can fit everything we did do and see into a single blog. … Continue reading The Tasmania Chronicles – Part One: Cradle to Coast